Champions Customer Service Award

All member organizations are eligible to receive.  Award given to clubs that send out an SSIA generated customer service survey to their participants and have a minimum of at least 100 respondents to a survey that will assess customer satisfaction, and reach a certain level/score on the responses.



Product/Program Innovation Award

Given to the organization with the most innovative product offering.  Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Atlanta Sport and Social Club - League Bundle Packs

League Bundle Packs In December ASSC rolled out their “League Bundle Packs,” which allowed customers to pre-purchase their 2017 leagues in 3-league, 5-league, and unlimited-league packages at a discounted rate. The bundle pack sale was created to increase December revenue and resulted in a 20% sales boost for the month. The bundle packs served as both a reward for some of our most loyal players, as well as a way to increase sales numbers during a slower time of the year. Program Overview

Chicago Sport & Social Club - Red Bull City Clinch

Chicago Sport and Social Club & Red Bull produced the inaugural Red Bull City Clinch 16", Coed Softball League & Tournament. It was 8 leagues from the Northside and 8 from the Southside totaling 175 teams. The champion of each league was automatically entered into an end-of-season, Tournament of Champions. Played over one fall Saturday. Red Bull supplied every team with uniforms, home run fencing even a play-by-play announcer. The 16 champions participated in 3 rounds of pool play before it was whittled down to eight teams in a single elimination games. The winning team was then treated to a VIP Chicago Blackhawks suite experience, all on Red Bull. We look forward to the 2nd annual Red Bull City Clinch with opening day in early May, 2017!

Great Lakes Sport and Social Club - Hungry Hippos

The childhood game that we all grew to love is now brought to real life and on the ice! Human Hungry Hungry Hippos will let players feed their desire to be a kid again and indulge on a feeding frenzy of FUN! 2 Tournaments completed and a future in league programming coming soon

KC Crew - Downtown Open

KC Crew's Downtown Open - this innovative event combining the love of golf and living in the city. How do you play 18-hole twosomes through an urban fairway? KC Crew knows how. This is creative, funny and is aligned with what every market tries to achieve with their events.

Play Mile High (Social Leagues) - Summer Camp

Play Mile High & Social Leagues hosted its first Summer Camp in 2016 Empire, CO about 90 minutes West of Denver where campers attend the weekend long camp. Participants arrived Friday night and were immediately thrown into a color wars game, and a dance party. The weekend was filled with Cup in Hand Kickball, Aces Volleyball, Relay Race - "Drunk Waiter", Capture the Flag and dozens more.

Social Boston Sports - Sweat Crawls

Sweat Crawls. This past year we took the pub crawl and flipped it on it's head with a healthy spin and launched sweat crawls. Each sweat crawl features 2 hours of fitness at 3 different different studios where 100-200 participants run between each location for an all out incredibly social fitness experience.

Toronto Sport & Social Club - Indoor Turf Softball

INDOOR TURF SOFTBALL What do you do when you have over 1000 spring/summer softball teams and then the winter comes to Toronto? Take them indoors! To give some of their softball teams a home during the off-season, Toronto SSC created an indoor version of the game, played on a turf field. Two options now exist for members: - 1 field indoor softball 7s. (played on one indoor soccer field) - 2 field indoor softball 9s (played across two indoor soccer fields) This program has been successful for a few reasons: - gives our die-hard softball players an option during the winter - makes use of unused turf time (Saturday option!) Mush balls are a must!

United Fray (DC) - Glow Yoga

United Fray Event Series: United Fray offered a Glow Yoga event series on the US National Mall that brought out nearly 200 yogis on the Nation's front lawn complete with glow paint, music and multiple instructors to help people stretch and bend in all the right ways.

VAVi Sport & Social - Corporate Wellness Program

In 2016, VAVi launched the Corporate Wellness Division focused on providing options to promote health, team building and an overall work-life balance through VAVi sports leagues and events. VAVi built the division on the platform of 3 pillars: Corporate Sports Leagues, VAVi Events and Custom Corporate Events. Through the year, VAVi was able to use creative partnerships, marketing and social media campaigns to accumulate over 175 companies that actively participated bringing in almost $200K for the year.


Read on here -

2016 SSIA Product Innovation Award Nomination VAVi Corporate Wellness Program

2016 SSIA Product Innovation Award Nomination VAVi Corporate Wellness Program (91 KB)



Marketing Innovation Award

Promotional campaigns - print media campaigns, branding campaigns, etc. Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Atlanta Sport and Social Club - Music Midtown Partnership

Music Midtown Partnership – this year ASSC was approached by one of Atlanta’s largest music festivals, Music Midtown to create an experience-driven festival activation. We created the ASSC Adult Game Zone area which featured bocce, cornhole, giant jenga, life-sized connect four, and ladder ball for attendees to enjoy between sets. Over the course of the two-day festival, Atlanta Sport and Social Club was exposed to over 50,000 attendees and was featured alongside major brands who had to shell out huge sponsorship dollars to be a part of the event. In addition to the day-of activation, ASSC ran a social media contest featuring two weeks of daily giveaways for festival tickets on Instagram and Facebook. Facebook Contest

Chicago Sport & Social Club - Bloody Mary Fest & Competition

Bloody Mary Fest & Competition This innovative event elevates the Sunday Funday experience for all involved. From the competiting bars & restaurants, to the over 1,000 participants to the sponsors who spend a Sunday afternoon sampling, educating and celebrating.

Great Lakes Sport and Social Club - Caught Ya

"Caught Ya" at planet fitness with your shirt on! Who will we catch next? #caughtyawithyourshirton on social media! Promotional campaign to encourage our players to be the #1 supporter and brand ambassador of the Club. If a staff member sees a player out in public in a non-league venue wearing the Club's official league shirt, that player will win a free league by simply agreeing to a "photo-op" and we'll post it in our Club newsletter! We now have live, walking billboards all over the city! 

Houston Sports & Social Club - Love in this Club partnership with the No No List

In February 2016, we initiated a Valentine’s Day campaign to hear from players who met and formed relationships while playing in our league, offering a $1,000 cash award for the winning couple, and a $500 cash award to the 2nd place couple. The campaign was titled Love in this Club, a play on the Usher song of the same name.


In addition to utilizing social media for engagement through voting, the campaign integrated co-promotion for the release of a self-help book on finding love, named the No-No List: A radical new approach to the search for a perfect partner. The partnership generated significant reach through the book’s publicist and assets, and also included a financial contribution from the partner which allowed us to offer the large cash prizes. We later interviewed a number of couples involved, and are developing a series of promotional videos telling their stories, which will be released leading up to Valentine’s Day this year. The first video can be found by clicking HERE.

Social Boston Sports - SBSN

This past year we launched the SBSN, the Social Boston Sports Network, which was a weekly series that highlighted real highlight reels from our leagues. 

Toronto Sport & Social Club - Secret Service

For most clubs, word of mouth is the most powerful marketing tool. And yet, a lot of us have continued to spend money on traditional marketing methods. In Toronto, word of mouth accounts for 93% of all new members. In recognition of this, Toronto SSC has created the "Secret Service" marketing program. - 8 staff members have a monthly 'Secret Service' budget. - Each staff member MUST spend that money in a way that will 'surprise and delight' members. - E.g.1: buying/delivering a case of beer to a team having a post game BBQ - E.g. 2: ordering a branded 'onesie' for a long time captain that just had their first baby. - E.g. 3: showing up with hot chocolate for teams playing their final outdoor game on an extra cold night. - E.g. 4: Pizza party for a team that lost in the finals for the 3rd season in a row. - E.g. 5: gift certificate to a local store for an item that was lost the week before at a venue. These moments 'wow' our members and we showcase them via our social media channels. In the end, these members often become raving fans, accelerating the word of mouth process.

United Fray (DC) - Monumental Sports Teams

In 2016 United Fray became the official Adult Sports League of Monumental Sports' professional Sports Teams including the Wizards, Mystics, Capitals and the new indoor arena football team, Valor. This partnership includes jointly promoted and branded Wizards & United Fray bar crawls and events as well as cross promotional advertising campaigns. Additionally United Fray struck a content licensing deal with the Monumental Sports Network to have live streaming and recording coverage of United Fray games broadcast on the network. The broadcast program will begin in 2017 but the foundation for a deep relationship with one of the largest professional sports companies has been established and can help further advance our industry!

Xoso Sport & Social League - Sacramento Grilled Cheese Festival

Event page on Facebook garnered incredible interest waaaaaaay before the event date. As of this nomination, there are 34,000 interested and 6000 going. Tickets haven't gone on sale yet, the event is in 5 months and they didn't spend a penny to advertise. Talk about setting your event up for success…


The Facebook event now has more than 61,000 followers (interested/going) and is growing by roughly 5,000 per week! To date, organic (not paid) reach is almost 2.3 MILLION!


See photos and more info on this nomination here!



Leadership Award

Given to person or organization displaying the most leadership to SSIA members.  Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Chris Giebner - SSIA VP, Tampa Bay Club Sport

Along with Chris' large and ongoing contributions to the planning and success of the conference, he has shown himself to be a leader with the EC. He actively helps to make sure decisions are made and that the Executive Committee is always moving forward.

Delaney Lafond - Underdog Sports Leagues

Delaney was instrumental in organizing the entire SSIA executive committee retreat in Seattle this past August from entertainment, to food, to hotels, and even gave a guided tours of the city all while driving committee members around town and to and from the airport. Throughout the year she continually volunteered her time to help out other clubs both large and small across the country and spoke and visited with many of them.

Omid Rafiei - Houston Sports & Social Club, SSN

Omid from Houston SSC has worked tirelessly on the team that has gotten the Social Sports Network off the ground. He also serves on both the sponsorship and marketing sub-committees. Leadership such as this is invaluable to the growth of the SSIA. 



Knowledge Share Award

Given to the person or organization that has contributed the most to the industry in terms of knowledge share.  Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Atlanta Sport and Social Club - Field Day

Kevin and AtlantaSSC graciously hosted our team for their Field Day over the summer in addition to us touring their fantastic new office. He was also kind enough to share their yearly planning presentation with us. It's no wonder that AtlantaSSC is growing so quickly with a fantastic team from the top down!

Christian Crute - SportsLink

For frequent and valuable postings on the SSIA Facebook page, for mentoring and welcoming first time attendees at the annual conference, and for opening his events and his house to fellow members to visit and learn how SportsLink runs events.

Danny Lefebvre - TRISPORTS

Danny helped find a new printing company that would print our custom lanyards for our events for an over 50% cost savings. Not only did he introduce but he helped educate the company on exactly what we were looking for and information on shipping it to us. We will be using this company for all events going forward in 2017 which will save us a ton of money.

Felix Goodson - VAVi Sport & Social

The "godfather" of the conference, Felix, is always their to listen and guide you in the right direction.

Mikky Wright - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Mikky has been monumental in sharing his knowledge within the world of sponsorships this year. Throughout the course of the Chipotle program, he was constantly sharing successes and learnings from his market with the other clubs involved. This really helped all of us to elevate our game to execute a top-notch sponsorship program. He is always accessible, and will tell you just about anything you want to know. On top of that, he has put in a ton of work to get our industry some recognition from major brands this year.

Shawn Madden - Underdog Sports Leagues

From day 1 of the SSIA Shawn has always been willing to share any knowledge from gear advice to making your website better!



Best Industry Collaboration Award

To include multi-club sponsorship programs, purchasing programs, events or other collaborations that may exist.  Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Atlanta Sport & Social (Korey Meek) - Chicago Sport & Social (Mikky Wright) - NYC Social (Elliot Jeffords) - Play in the Bay (Cliff Thomas) - Social Boston Sports (Justin Obey) - VAVi (Keith Cunningham)

After being contracted separately by Chipotle, six markets came together to form a great working relationship to enhance the Chipotle sponsorship and increase every market's activation. With the guidance of Justin Obey (Social Boston Sports) and his many years of building a Chipotle sponsor program in Boston, Atlanta Sport & Social (Korey Meek), Chicago Sport & Social (Mikky Wright), NYC Social (Elliot Jeffords), Play in the Bay (Cliff Thomas) and Vavi (Keith Cunningham) have proved multi-market sponsor collaboration is not only possible, but can be highly advantageous.

Through conference calls, and continue emails back and forth, the Chipotle 6 shared successes, challenges, keys to improve. Through this year-long collaboration, the clubs showed how you succeed - through transparency, professional respect and the openness to want every other club to do as well as you.

Keith Cunningham - VAVi Sport & Social

Keith has initiated at least 3 sponsorship proposals to include our company Beach City Sports as a neighboring county to VAVI in San Diego. The additional work and effort required for inclusion is greatly appreciated & worth being acknowledged within the SSIA community. -

SportsLink - Private Label Videos

After SportsLink showing of their nominated commercial videos at the 2016 Social Star Awards, they offered to private label them to any club that wanted them. There were a dozen or so takers and this was a great example of where an effort by one was enjoyed by many. Good job!



Best Video Campaign Award

Submit your promotional videos - Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Atlanta Sport and Social Club - Video

ASSC coordinated the release of the Atlanta Field Day 2016 video with the sales launch of the 2017 event. Within one week of the video's release in December, it had over 85,000 views on Facebook (~45,000 organic), reached almost 200,000 people in the Atlanta area, and garnered nearly 30 team registrations for the 2017 event (in July). In addition to the full-length version, ASSC produced a series of shorter game-specific videos to bootstrap our corporate field day sales initiative.

Austin Sports & Social Club - Video

Big City Volleyball - Video

Casco Bay Sports - Video

High production value for league registration, combining all sports and all facets of a game into the narrative (from getting dressed, huddling up, playing then high fiving when the game is done).

This Is Casco Bay Sports - How we start our day from Casco Bay Sports on Vimeo.

Chicago Sport & Social Club - Video

This video celebrates the success of the Bloody Mary Fest and Competition. Bringing over 1,000 people in for an engaging Sunday Funday with drinks, brunch bites and revelry.

Bloody Mary Festival & Competition from Mikky James Wright on Vimeo.

Great Lakes Sport and Social Club - Video

The childhood game that we all grew to love is now brought to real life and on the ice! Human Hungry Hungry Hippos will let players feed their desire to be a kid again and indulge on a feeding frenzy of FUN!

Video used to promote 2nd annual Human Hungry Hungry Hippos Tournament on Ice! 75k+ organic views, 180k+ organic reached, 67+ jealous SSIA Clubs! 

Houston Sports & Social Club - Video

The 17 Reasons to Play in 2017 video was developed 100% in-house, with the focus of showing the many benefits of playing social sports with HoustonSSC. While out visiting players on game night, we asked them to give us one reason why they love HoustonSSC which evolved into this video campaign. The purpose of this video is to spread our brand in a more creative way and help others get to know us by highlighting what makes us HoustonSSC, through player testimonials.

KC Crew - Video

Over 1,000 awesome people showed up to their 1st annual Downtown Open urban golf pub crawl while traveling via the streetcar from stop to stop to enjoy golfing downtown. Chipping from city landmarks and putting in bars nearby, this event was one of a kind! 

NYC Social (Social Leagues) - Video

As rich media takes over the messaging, video sponsorship recaps are the new form of celebrating partnership activations.

Players Sport & Social Group - Video

This video was the result of a deal with the Illinois Lottery as part of their "Luck is Everywhere" campaign. The commercial ran on various tv stations for about 3 months. It was a complete surprise to the teams and refs on site, complete with blindfolds, blacked out vans, the works.

Tampa Bay Club Sport - Video

Jumped on the #mannequinchallenge trend early making a video to promote their ongoing Bar Olympics series. Video show them practicing Bar Olympic in still form!

VAVi Sport & Social - Video

This October 2016 video announcing international sensation ROC Race's second Australia tour went viral immediately, reaching 3.7 million Australians (1.9 organically without budget), over 2 million views and 356K post engagements! The music, production quality and fun obstacle content is unparalleled - VAVi Sport and Social's 5K property continues to grow as a global phenomenon, and this video campaign propelled its exposure on Facebook and throughout Australia!



Best Social Media Campaign Award

Submit your creative social media campaigns - Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Atlanta Sport and Social Club - Chipotle BOGO

Chipotle BOGO Day - Instagram Contest and Snap Story ASSC was one of the first new markets of the “Chipotle 6” to have our league-wide BOGO day at Chipotle. In an effort to drive social engagement and create more user generated content throughout the day, we launched an instagram contest. Players who took advantage of the Chipotle BOGO day shared their photos on instagram using #chipotlesocialsports and #playintheatl for a chance to win one of three prizes (free leagues for a year, a catered party for 10, and an ASSC/Chipotle combo swag bag. The campaign produced nearly 50 submissions and over 900 engagements in addition to those posted from the ASSC account. In addition to the instagram contest, ASSC documented the BOGO day experience throughout the day on their snapchat story

Beach City Sports - Tell Us Your BCS Story

"Tell Us Your BCS Story" - submit a video contest (Video). First Place video with the most votes won a year of league registrations and a Go Pro! Link with the actual site of the contest is listed in the Youtube Video Description

Houston Sports & Social Club - Love in this Club

In February 2016, we initiated a Valentine’s Day campaign to hear from players who met and formed relationships while playing in our league, offering a $1,000 cash award for the winning couple, and a $500 cash award to the 2nd place couple. The campaign was titled Love in this Club, a play on the Usher song of the same name.


We narrowed it down to a dozen couples with the best stories, and posted their stories on our Facebook page and asked our followers to vote for their favorite by “Liking” the picture of their favorite couple. Each couple was incentivised to share the photo album encouraging their friends to vote for them, and we also utilized the reach of our campaign partner the No-No List: A radical new approach to the search for a perfect partner, which resulted in app. 1,500 Page Like’s and over 16,000 organic reach during the course of the campaign. You can view their stories and photos by clicking HERE

Kaboom Sports & Social - WhylKaboom

Kaboom runs an ongoing social media series labeled #WhyIKaboom. They interview great players who tell when they started, why they play, what sports, and more! It's done in a "reporter on the scene" style out at leagues and events. Great series with follow through, not just a one-time post.

Tampa Bay Club Sport - Valentine's Day Campaign

Club Sport did a Valentine's social media campaign asking players their story of how they met their loved one through Club Sport. It was titled "What's your Club Sport Story". We started the ball rolling telling how the owners, Chris & Tracey, first met in a Club Sport league and got married, bought the company, etc. Then we got 20+ great stories of how couples met through Club Sport leagues and ended up together. Including a few on-field proposal stories. We choose the top 5 to get VIP tickets to local festivals or gift cards to bars for date nights. - Link

Toronto Sport & Social Club - March Madness Team Name

March Madness Team Name Facebook Campaign. During March Madness NCAA basketball, we ran our own Team Name Bracket with the best team names for the season. Members voted each round to advance the best team names forward. Ultimately we crowned our first ever March Madness Team Name! - 500 members voted - 8 total posts (across 4 weeks) - 55,520: online reach - 141 reactions - 860 post clicks This was all done organically...i.e. $0 spent, no boosts. Link

VAVi Sport & Social - Corporate Wellness Program Campaign

In 2016, VAVi Sport and Social Club launched a Social Media campaign aimed specifically at supporting the recently formed Corporate Wellness Division of the company. The campaign was broken up into three, 6-week segments with one post per week on VAVi's Facebook and Instagram platforms. The campaigns were designed with 3 specific components in mind; consistency, bold creative design and “Top Down” + “Bottom Up” Marketing approaches.


Read on here -

2016 SSIA Social Media Campaign Award Nomination VAVi Corporate Wellness Program

2016 SSIA Social Media Campaign Award Nomination VAVi Corporate Wellness Program (87 KB)

Xoso Sport & Social League - Grilled Cheese Festival Campaign

With organic reach (to date) of 2.3 MILLION, and engagement of almost 70,000 responses, Xoso’s social media campaign for their two-day grilled cheese festival has been a major success. There are approximately 61,000 people actively following the event as of this nomination. Saturday’s portion of the festival sold out in 23 days, a full 3 months before the event takes place. The website launch on December 16 was announced on Facebook and received 753 likes, 142 comments, and 237 shares. The Facebook event is still growing at a rate of over 5,000 people per week.

Link to event
Link to event insights and more



Philanthropy Award

Nominate your creative charity program initiatives, synergy with leagues and $ raised - Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Baltimore Social (Social Leagues) - Bmore Kids Sports

There is a major need in Baltimore for Youth Programs for every kid. Bmore Kids Sports provided Free Leagues + Meals for over 820 kids in 2016 in all area's of Baltimore.

Bmore Kids Sports

FREE Youth programs + FREE Meals = HAPPY KIDS


1 Day: One night a week of each sport for the duration of the season. With multiple sports per season, each on a different night of the week, a child can experience a variety of sports with different teammates within the community.


Food: 75 minutes of play followed by free food & drink donated by local businesses within the community.

Volunteer Partnership: Our structured environment is supervised by volunteers from within the community as well as from our neighborhood adult social sports league Baltimore Social. Baltimore Social members are young professionals in the Baltimore area who are looking to get involved with their own community through the kids leagues.

Video Link

Chicago Sport & Social Club - Jimmy V Foundation

Chicago Sport and Social Club partnered with Corona Extra to promote and draw awareness as well as dollars for the Jimmy V Foundation. CSSC donated and solicited donations for every 3-pointer made in all Basketball Leagues throughout the month of March. There were 11,683 3's made. In all, CSSC & Corona Extra donated in excess of $12,000 to the V Foundation.

Great Lakes Sport and Social Club - Susan G Komen Foundation

Supporter of the Susan G Komen Foundation through our Annual Dodgeball Tournament which raised $10,000!

Photo 1

Photo 2

Photo 3

Photo 4


Houston Sport and Social Club - Toys for Tickets

At HoustonSSC we are committed to giving back to our community as much as we are to promoting health and wellness. HoustonSSC’s charitable donations for the year exceed $10,000 for 2016. Charitable events include:

  • - 6th Annual Toys for Tickets Charity Holiday Party benefitting the Texas Children’s Hospital

  • - Houston’s Inaugural Compassion Week - Involved with conceptual development, planning and created the #7Days7Ways initiative which included seven different volunteer and community outreach opportunities benefitting: Kid’s Meals Inc., Houston Food Bank, Pathways Church of Houston, Soles4Souls, Operation Gratitude and the American Association of Medical Assistants

  • - 5th Annual Charity Kickball Tournament benefiting Pancreatic Cancer Action Network

  • - 5th Annual Charity Kickball Tournament benefiting Robert Garner Firefighter Foundation

  • - Pancreatic Cancer Action Network Purple Stride. We have raised over $10,000 over the past four years

  • - Houston Food Bank - Provided over 3,000 meals to those in need

  • - 3rd Annual Top Gun Sand Volleyball Tournament and Fundraiser benefiting the US Naval Academy Alumni Association, Lone Star Veterans Association, Team RWB, and other veteran charities

LTS (Live To Support) Chicago - Charity

I would like to nominate LTS (Live To Support) Chicago for the Philanthropy Award. Through leagues, events, sponsorships & corporate partners, LTS has donated more than $200,000 to local and national charities since August 2010. In addition to the monetary donations, LTS Chicago is dedicated to ensuring that every Player, Partner Charity, Sponsor & Corporate Sponsor has an opportunity to play the sports they love for the charities of their choice. Every week, before every game, in every league, both Team Captains take a couple minutes talk about their charity to raise awareness with another group of young professionals. Additionally, LTS has formed legal partnerships with local charities (or local chapters of national charities) to make a further impact with charities in the community as well Each team takes a Championship Photo with the BIG Check with the donation amount made out to their charity.

Championship Team Photos

Pittsburgh Sports League - PUMPed to Run (PtR)

In 2016 the PSL began the PUMPed to Run (PtR) program to connect mentors from our leagues with residents of local homeless shelters. The goal was to encourage participants to walk or run with us as a means of increasing their confidence and self-sufficiency. As any athlete is aware, the confidence that teamwork, positive encouragement and goal achievement builds has numerous other priceless effects on our everyday lives and this is the gift we wanted to share with this marginalized community of Pittsburgh. To get PtR started we gathered support, sponsorships like Fleet Feet, collected monetary donations and donations of new and lightly used gear in heartwarming amounts. We were then able to outfit our participants with running clothes and shoes and run with them two mornings a week from two shelters. Each participant would be mentored to set their own goals and then encouraged and partnered in accomplishing those goals. We listened, ran and got to know the participants and shelters well. The response was amazing! We had four participants finish Pittsburgh’s 5k Great Race and receive medals for their hard work and dedication. Each of those people is now living independently of the shelter and two of them even came back to serve as mentors once they had successfully moved out of the shelter and went to school or started a job. At the end of our first running season we had 101 mentors, 45 shelters participants, over $8,000 in donated gear, and walked/ran approximately 400 miles together. The program was a huge success and we look forward to its continued growth and mentoring capabilities. This program is so important to the PSL because it allows us to be active participants in building a better sports league and a better, stronger and more diverse Pittsburgh.

Link 1

Link 2

Link 3


Toronto Sport & Social Club - Right to Play

Toronto Sport & Social Club has raised almost $250,000 for their main charity partner, Right to Play. Right To Play is a global organization that uses the transformative power of play to educate and empower children facing adversity. It was founded in 20​00 by Johann Olav Koss, a four-time Olympic gold medalist and social entrepreneur. Through sports and games, they help children build essential life skills and better futures, while driving social change in their communities with lasting impact​. A portion of each Toronto team fee goes directly to Right to Play. As well, members have the option of adding a small donation of their own when registering. The funds raised to date have allowed 5000 children across the world to participate in Right to Play programs.

United Fray (DC) - Community

One of United Fray's values is Community. In 2016 United Fray donated hundreds of volunteer hours, tens of thousands of dollars and executed from start to finish the 11th annual Safe @ Home Kickball Tournament benefiting the Bridges to Independence charity. Link The event raised over $25,000 and is the largest single fundraising effort for the Arlington based charity that helps create sustainable paths for area homelessness to full independence. For the 2nd year, United Fray executed all logistical planning, day of staffing and general coordination completely pro bono. Some of the other charities supported over the years include: S.O.M.E. – So Others May Eat Sleeping Bags for the Homeless Martha’s Table, Metro TeenAIDS, DC SCORES, National Kidney Foundation, Marie Reed Elementary School, Little Lights Kicking for Kids Who Can’t, DC 4th of July Parade, Space Day, Capital Area Food Bank Dash for Dad 10k, DC Central Kitchen, DC Green Festival, American Heart Association American Cancer Association Hearts For Hope, Special Olympics, Cystic Fibrosis Foundation And many more...

VAVi Sport & Social - Challenges Athletes Foundation

VAVi Sport and Social has raised over $250,000 in donations for Challenged Athletes Foundation's Operation Rebound program since 2011 through its 5K run properties: ROC Race, San Diego County Fair 5K and the Del Mar Mud Run. VAVi Events has fully integrated this philanthropic partnership through on-site activations, a direct donation link through its registration process, large incentives for top donors through annual contests, giving 50% of its proceeds from certain merchandise directly to CAF's cause as well as a portion of each participant registration, VIP fundraiser parties, and much more. For more information on CAF and VAVi's role in donating through ROC Race since 2011, please visit



Partner of the Year Award

Nominate the SSIA Partner Member you feel has contributed most towards the SSIA and our mission - Winner determined by most votes after nominations.


Bell Anderson Insurance

Year after year Jason is always helping and making a difference to make the SSIA program better.

League Lab

League labs year after year keeps innovating and improving their platform. They take the ideas that we have and make them happen!

Underdog Gear

Underdog Gear has gone out of the way to provide the industry great prices on a handful of critical sports league gear. The custom printing of kickballs is huge in helping with branding. Running the store is a huge endeavor and much appreciated!



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