We are dedicated to the growth and development of the social sports industry, which provides high quality sports & social activities for the active lifestyle consumer.   We are a non-profit association that fosters collaboration between members to share best practices, create opportunities and increase awareness of the industry and our members. The goal of this collaboration is to provide the industry and its members with enhanced access to resources, relationships and consumers.
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We believe communication and collaboration between businesses in an industry is key to helping the industry and its players grow and prosper. Our Industry Members are  businesses that offer sports leagues, tournaments and social events to active lifestyle consumers. Our Partner Members offer products & services to our Industry Members like insurance, equipment, apparel, and software. Each year, all members get together to learn and share at our industry conference.
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We began to leverage its size & scale of the SSIA in 2012 by establishing national programs that deliver RIO and benefits to members far above and beyond their investment in the SSIA. These Member Benefits are the lifeblood of the SSIA,  and fall into these categories:
  • Collaboration & Knowledge Share
  • Member Expense Reduction
  • Member Revenue Increase
  • Industry Growth & Recognition
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