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Types and Dues

How to Join

Joining the SSIA member brings with it many benefits that will surely result in a positive ROI for your business. SSIA members report an average of $6,000 in value add from being a part of the SSIA. Much of this value is due to the following benefits to all SSIA members (and more to come soon).

SSIA Member Benefits

1. Your 1st Sport & Social Industry Conference attendee fee is covered ($450 value)

2. A members-only communication/collaboration forum

3. T-Shirt cost-savings program - prices as low as $2.05 per shirt (fully loaded cost, including shipping)

4. Cheaper Equipment! Member-only discounts with brands like Baden, Spalding and Champion Sports

5. Keep in the know with our monthly Newsletter

6. Ability for you and your participants to join national SSIA events (i.e. 2012 National Cruise)

7. National sponsorship opportunities (which has already brought $100k of value to SSIA members)

8. Insurance program with SSIA partner Bell-Anderson Insurance

9. Credit card processing program with SSIA partner Gravity Payments

Membership in the SSIA is open to organizations that are in the business of providing amateur athletic activities to adults with a prominent social focus on the activities provided.  Further criteria for potential member organizations is listed below.  To apply for membership please register here.

Sport & Social Club (SSC) Criteria:

1. Must host and operate sports leagues of some kind.  What is a sports league?  The SSIA defines sports leagues as an athletic activity that is held on multiple days and includes registration fees, teams, consistent dates of play,  ongoing schedule/standings and a finale (playoffs, championships, awards, etc.)

2. Must have a prominent social focus within its activity base for its customers including but not limited to the following  hosting post league happy hours/sponsor bars and or operating and hosting social events, outings, parties, etc.

3. Must be a for-profit business

4. Must serve adults (21+) as the primary customer

Senior Membership dues (includes one annual conference attendee fee, a $400 value) - $1000

Junior  Membership (must be owned/operated by a Senior member and operate in a separate market territory*) - $250

*Market territories are defined using a standard market/territory measuring tool called DMA. Any Senior Member-owned club within the same territory/market will not need to apply for membership.

1. Figure out what type of member you are.

2. Register  for membership here

3. Approval (or disapproval) takes a few days and you are able to enjoy benefits immediately after being approved.

Keep in mind, if you are the owner/operator of a business with multiple locations or franchises, that each franchise branch needs to apply to the association separately and will be treated as a Junior member if approved. Each branch is treated as an independent organization which must earn its own individual membership level and is not granted the benefits/privilege that the “parent” may have earned.

The bottom line:


The SSIA is run by and for its members... so if you are interested in becoming a member, there are a few things to consider.

    Are you a Sport & Social business (criteria defined above)?

    Do you want to save money on expenses common to our industry (equipment, t-shirts, insurance, etc.)?

    Do you want to meet and work with national brands that want to sponsor our industry?

    Do you want to offer your participants the chance to travel to national events and tournaments?

    Do you want to learn, share and collaborate with other Sport & Social businesses?

    Do you want to get together with other Sport & Social professionals a few times a year to network and grow?

If you answered yes to the at least one of the above questions, then you will certainly benefit from becoming a member of the SSIA.

SSIA Membership Details