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SSIA Membership Details

Joining the SSIA as an Industry Member not only connects you to the other 65+ members, but also brings with it many benefits that generate ROI for your business. SSIA members report (on average) a $7,000 value-add from being a part of the SSIA. Take a look at our current Member Benefits below to see if the SSIA is a good fit for you!

Knowledge Share

Industry Conference

Private SSIA Forum

Members Only "Locker Room"

Sponsorship Analysis w/ Local Metrics

2010/15 Sport & Social Industry Report

Partner Programs

Discount equipment buying portal

Discount T-shirt Partner Program

Best in Class Insurance Program

SSIA Merchant Services Program

National Sponsorship Pitch inclusion

Other Base Benefits

SSIA website listing

Member web page on

Eligible for Social Star awards

Association voting rights (1 Vote)

Network SSIA Members/Partners

Optional Additional Benefits (Additional Cost)

Additional Conference Attendees ($500/attendee)

Additional Private SSIA Facebook Group Logins ($100/login)

Conference Learning Seminar Access ($150/person per seminar)

Gear Program fee (~6% gathered from the vendor based on sales – no additional member payment)

T-Shirt Program fee ($.07 - $.10 per t-shirt gathered from the vendor – no additional member payment

Sponsorship Program Fee (10% gathered from the sponsor based on the funds that members receive)

Criteria to join

1. Must host and operate sports leagues of some kind.  What is a sports league?

2. Must have a prominent social focus within its activity base for its customers including but not limited to the following  hosting post league happy hours/sponsor bars and or operating and hosting social events, outings, parties, etc.

3. Must be a for-profit business and serve adults (21+) as the primary customer

How to Join

1. Register  for membership here

2. Approval (or disapproval) takes a few days and you are able to enjoy benefits immediately after being approved.

Cost = Annual Membership dues (1st annual conference attendee included, a $500 value): $1000

Industry Membership (Sport & Social Businesses)

Partner Membership (Sponsors, Vendors, etc.)

SSIA Partners are key to the strength of th organization. We began to work with partners to bring SSIA members either cost savings or additional revenue streams in 2010 and the value they have brought to the industry has been growing every year. See what being an SSIA Partner Member can bring to your organization below:

Partner Member Benefits

First Annual Conference Attendee

Partner logo on SSIA website

Company Info and Logo on SSIA Partner Page

15 Minute Speaking Slot at Annual Conference

Logo/Link on Monthly Newsletter

Logo in Conference Materials/Program

Social Media Blasts (# TBD)

Support Committee Involvement (when available)

Cost = Annual Membership dues (1st annual conference attendee included, a $500 value): $2,500*

Optional Additional Benefits (Additional Cost)

Additional Conference Attendees ($500)

Private Annual Conference Room ($1000 + AV)

* Dues for Partner Members are up front and assume there is not a Partner Program in place that generates value to the SSIA. If there is a Partner Program in place, any proceeds (up to $2,500) contributed to the SSIA through that Partner Program will be waived. Proceeds generated above $2,500 will be paid to the SSIA in accordance with the Partner Program.

How to Join

1. Email

2. Register  for membership here