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We Can Work It Out


They say one of the greatest motivators to get up and moving is to find a group of like-minded people with whom to work out. They encourage you in the weight room or on the court and don’t let you lag behind when out on a jog, and the camaraderie they can provide might just be enough of an influence to keep you coming back for more. - See more at: ...


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Why Sports Leagues Are The New Social Networks


Let’s face it, the last thing that sounds like fun at the end of a long workday is going into another structured environment with a bunch of people who’ve randomly entered your life. But after-work sports leagues offer a few ancillary benefits that make them a worthwhile way to spend your precious post-job hours...


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Sports league lets adults have grown-up recess


Xoso Sport and Social League is a Sacramento adult sports organization that provides participants the opportunity to have recess and leave behind the average work day...


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Jersey Club Sports: Eye on More Than The Ball


8,000 participants strong, a friendly atmosphere keeps Jersey Club Sports participants coming back for more...


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'Dynamic' opportunity to be an athlete again


As a young athlete growing up, I was always told that those were the best days of my life and that I would never get the chance to play sports again after high school. Boy, were they ever wrong...


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Social Sports Redefine MLB's 1st Pitch


San Diego's premier coordinator of adult sports leagues, social events and charity initiatives, announced today that it will replace the MLB's ceremonial “first pitch” with a kickball roll at an upcoming San Diego Padres game...


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DC Social Sports Options


A recent trend in young professional socializing is the participation in a variety of different social sports leagues. Crystal City hosts a number of leagues including street hockey, volleyball, kickball, touch football, dodgeball, soccer, bocce, and more...


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Round-up: Boston’s Adult Sports Leagues


Ever think back fondly on your glory days as a high school or college athlete? Those athletic pursuits don’t have to stop at nostalgia—Boston actually has many adult sports leagues at varying degrees of competitiveness and time commitment. We’ve reported on Boston’s bocce community and singles-only sports leagues in the past, but if you’re looking to get back in the game, check out these ways to play...


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Area sports leagues become a multimillion dollar industry


Anthony Walker, a professional recruiter for the staffing firm Robert Half International, takes the same approach in enlisting colleagues for his flag football team as he does with his day job...


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Inner Tube Water Polo Splashes in New York City


On a recent night in the steamy basement pool of the Chinatown YMCA, the spirit of competition was splashed in the face, flipped on its head and dunked under water...


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Philadelphia Sport & Social—Game for Another 20 Years


Twenty years is a long time. Over two decades, a small-scale recreation sports outfit comprise of a handful of teams has exploded into a 2,000-team, 150,000-player powerhouse serving most of the Delaware Valley...


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Want an Active Social Network? Try Kickball


The time had come for Evan Parness to pop the question, and what better setting than a kickball game? After all, he had met his girlfriend, Cherish Rapp, at a New York City Social Sports Club kickball kickoff party a year earlier, and partly through playing kickball together, he knew that they made a good team...


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SSIA Featured in GO Indoor Magazine


The United States Indoor Sports Association talks about the SSIA and it's formation as well as how sport & social league organizers can work with indoor facilities nationwide...


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What D.C. Adult Sports League Should I Join?


Maybe it’s the absurdly high concentration of people in their 20s, or maybe we’re just a city of joiners. But whatever the reason, D.C. boasts dozens of social sports—including at least four separate kickball leagues. Which one is right for you? Perhaps this chart can help...


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Sport and Social Clubs Across the Nation Unite


For over 30 years, sport and social clubs have existed in major cities across the United States. Today, these sport and social clubs organize adult sports leagues and social events for over 1.1 million 21-40 year old active professionals nationwide...


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VAVi's Latane Meade, Finalist for Entrepreneur of the year


Latane Meade, President of VAVi Sport & Social Club, Selected as Finalist in Entrepreneur Magazine’s Entrepreneur of 2011 Contest Presented by The UPS Store...


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Adult Sports Leagues, why you should join one


Last week’s post on the buddy system got me thinking about the importance of general camaraderie in physical activity, beyond just the fact that having a person who relies on you to work out will get you off your butt and moving...


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Wiffle ball, dodgeball, kickball make sports fun for adults


After 40 intense minutes, C.R. Hooligan's and Shenanigans are tied 7-7, so the teams take the court for one more round. The players — most of them in their 20s and 30s — are shouting, clapping, high-fiving, putting their game faces on...


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Social Sports in London, England?...Yup!


Mainstream sports can be too serious and competitive but a new sport and social club, Come Play, makes exercise accessible and fun. Rachel Dixon makes a splash with inner tube water polo...


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Mike Cray and BSSC feature in the Baltimore Sun


Mike Cray has helped thousands of adults revisit their grade school gym class. But this time around, they don't have to worry about getting picked last for the kickball team...


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