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The Trade Association for Adult Social Sports

Industry Members

The SSIA was founded on the main idea that communication and collaboration between businesses in an industry is key to helping the industry and its players grow and prosper. Our Industry Members are Social Sports businesses that operate sports leagues, tournaments and social events. The benefits of being a member are maximized by attending our annual conference to meet and learn from other in our industry. Our 5th annual conference was held in San Diego, CA on February 18th - 20th, 2015. With learning sessions, industry speakers, social outings... and 100+ attendees from 50+ member businesses, we had an amazing event for our members.

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Partner Members

The SSIA began to leverage its size & scale in 2012 by partnering with businesses that offer products & services like insurance, equipment, apparel, marketing and software. By addressing these common business areas and expense line-items together, the SSIA has brought its members significant value in 4 key areas - Insurance, T-Shirts, Credit Card Processing and Equipment. In addition, we have partnered with Underdog Gear to create a brand new on-line portal for purchasing balls, flags, or whatever our members need. We also have created an insurance program with Bell-Anderson that now insures over 75% of our members.

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