About the SSIA

The Sport & Social Industry Association is a non-profit trade organization founded in 2010. The organization was founded by its members in order to foster communication, collaboration and community in the industry. Since our inaugural Sport & Social Industry Conference, held in San Diego, CA in February 2011 the SSIA has operated with the mission of helping the industry and its member businesses grow through cooperative efforts. We do this now through organizing various knowledge sharing events/resources, group discounts/purchasing programs and national sponsorship opportunities.

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What is the "Social Sports Industry"?

Any business that produces, manages or operates adult sports leagues, tournaments and/or social events is considered a "Sport & Social" aka "Social Sports" business.

Our Mission

The SSIA was built by members, for members. We foster community and collaboration between members to share best practices, create opportunities and grow the Social Sports Industry.

Our Core Values

  • Operate with the highest level of integrity, transparency and trust

  • Be fun and social

  • Deliver exceptional member value

  • Value diversity of opinions and offerings

  • Embrace innovation

  • Focus on collaboration and cooperation

  • Industry over self

More about Social Sports

Sport & Social Clubs provide dynamic sports leagues and social events to the active, 21+, fun seeking demographic.

Some might consider playing sports and socializing as two separate events. A “Sport & Social” or "Social Sports" business (and it’s customers) see them as one and the same. Meaning not only can one event contain both sport and social activities, but that putting the two together creates the optimal experience for any active, social person. Sport and Social leagues allow for people to meet and compete on the field, while also enjoying social activities during or afterwards. Sport and Social businesses aim to bring all types of people together through sports on the field and to provide amazing social activities that are all about having fun off the field. Sport & Social businesses include a designated place for all members to visit after the game/activity for a beverage, bite and/or a friendly conversation with teammates and league members. In addition to sports leagues with post-game social events, Sport and Social businesses also host larger social events, sometimes coupled with a sporting event such as a volleyball tournament or endurance event. The event could also be a national/regional sports tournament, obstacle course or scavenger hunt. Sport and Social businesses are becoming more and more organized, business-savvy and successful everyday, and the Sport and Social Industry Association is the perfect place for these businesses to collaborate with other companies in the industry, learn about best practices and enjoy a healthier business climate due to the scale that a united industry creates. There are hundreds of established Sport and Social organizations in the US and internationally. The SSIA aims to bring these organizations together to learn from each other and increase their bottom line in the process.