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The SSIA is more than just your typical trade association, it is a close community of Social Sports Business owners, operators and marketers that care about not only growing their own company but helping the Industry grow alongside. Joining the SSIA will allow you to learn industry best practices and participate in our community through our members-only forums, sub-committee meetings, knowledge share seminars, cost-savings programs and most notorious - our annual industry conference that brings hundreds of people together each year. See our current members here and read below on how you can join. 


Do you run sports leagues, tournaments and social events?

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Business Growth Knowledge Share

  • 1 Free Annual Industry Conference Attendee ($600 value)
  • Member-Only Knowledge Share Resources 
    • Facebook Forum/Group
    • Access to a library of industry resources, webinars and conference seminars (Learn)
  • Leadership/Subcommittee opportunities (Committees)

Cost Saving Partner Programs

  • Discount Equipment Buying Portals through Wilson & Baden
    • 25-50% discounts offered
  • Discount Apparel/T-Shirt Partner Program (Light Brothers)
  • Social Sports Custom Insurance Program (Bell-Anderson)
    • 75% of SSIA members use our partner insurance
    • Most save about half on their accident medical insurance.
  • Merchant Services Program (Gravity Payments)
    • SSIA members save over $1000 annually when switching to our Merchant Services Partner!
  • National Brand Sponsorship Pitch Inclusion (SSA)

Annual Membership Dues

  • Tier 1 (under $500k in Annual Sports League/Social Event Revenue) - $1,750/year
  • Tier 2 ($500k-$1.5M in Annual Sports League/Social Event Revenue) - $2,250/year
  • Tier 3 (over  $1.5M in Annual Sports League/Social Event Revenue) - $2,750/year
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