2024 Conference Challenge

The SSIA Challenge is here!

This year for the 14th Annual conference the 8 Challenge teams will each represent a sport! After all, it's what we know best right? Check out your team assignments below and start thinking of your gear, outfit, or theme to match your sport.  The SSIA Challenge will kick off with some "minute to win it" games at the Tuesday night social. Then the bulk of the competition will take place seaside on the beach Wednesday afternoon. The final points up for grabs will be your team skit or chant on stage at the Thursday Social Star awards! Then at the end of the night at the awards will crown the coveted team championship!

The Events:

During Welcome Reception on Tuesday February 20 at Eclipse Terrace 
Minute to Win It Games

Teams need minimum 6 players (minimum 2 of each gender)

  • There will be 3 Minute to Win It Games:  

  • Each game worth up to 45 points

  • Description:  Games to be announced at the Meet & Greet

Goal: Icebreaker and get teams interacting on the first night. Lots of fun!

Main SSIA Challenge Wednesday 3:30pm at Toro Beach 

Scavenger Relay

Teams need minimum 6 players (minimum 2 of each gender)

  • Time ranked (each team is ranked 1-8 by time completed and assigned points)

  • Teams are given a list of locations that they must get to and bring back a bandana in their team’s color. 

  • Only one teammate may go at a time to retrieve a bandana.  

  • When all six bandanas are retrieved, the team’s timer is stopped.

Speed Jenga

Teams need minimum 6 players (minimum 2 of each gender)

  • Teams go head-to-head using a “chess” clock (2 minutes per team)

  • Only allowed to pull from the 3rd completed row or below

  • Players only allowed one hand while holding a drink in the other 

  • If a team’s time expires, the opposing team wins

  • If the tower falls during a teams turn, the opposing team wins

Funky Chicken

Teams need minimum 6 players (minimum 2 of each gender)

  • Point Ranked (teams are ranked by chickent points and assigned points by ranking)

  • Each player throws five chickens at various containers.

  • Teams get varying points for every container they get a chicken into

Chicken points are added up and ranked compared to the points of other teams

Beach Relay 

Teams need minimum 10 players (minimum 4 of each gender)

  • Team that fills the bucket the fastest, get the win over the slowest

  • Players will run from the sand start line to the beach and back to the sand

  • They will be soaking up water from the ocean and filling up their team’s bucket

  • Times will be recorded when the water in the bucket reaches the designated line 

Social Stars Awards Gala Thursday Evening 8:00pm at Sax Pool

Team Talent/Spirit Presentation

Teams will present a short skit (2 minutes or less) at the Social Star Awards Gala in between Award Presentations.

  • More is Better (get everyone involved)

  • Take Advantage of your team name
    (a few ideas)

               - Soccer…GOOOOOOOAL!!!

               - Football…special TD Dance

               - Basketball…Rush the floor!

QR codes will be posted after each presentation for all individual SSIA members to rate your performance at the STAR awards.

Teams presentation ratings will be tabulated; ranked; and then converted to Main Event points to be added into their final Challenge point total.

SSIA Points and Leaderboard

Challenge Point System

1st 45
2nd 35
3rd 30
4th 25
5th 20
6th 15
7th 10
8th 5

1st 100
2nd 80
3rd 70
4th 60
5th 50
6th 40
7th 30
8th 20
If teams are tied for a position, the position points are added together and then divided by the number of teams tied.  For example, if two teams tied for 2nd they would get 75 points ([80+70]/2).



Quick Tips to a successful day

Sun Lotion Hydrate Athletic Attire

Limber Up Have Fun and Encourage Your Team

See Each Team and Roster (alphabetical) below:

Aleacia Miller - Kaboom Sports & Social Club

Barry Griffith - Dallas Sport & Social Club

Brandon Williams - Baden

Brittany Rheault - United Fray

Dave Brill - Game On! Sports

Dave Geaslen - Volo Sports

David Walker - Big City Volleyball League

Desiree Chastain - LXC Sports

Eric Grady - Volo Sports

Kyle Moneymaker - CLUBWAKA

Lindsey Enright - Beehive Sport & Social Club

Lynn Clementi - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Marc Tucci - Austin Sports & Social Club

Patrick Mlekush - OSSO Sports & Social

Rocio Casanova - Tucson Leagues

Ryan Markle - KC Crew

Shawn Madden - Underdog Sports Leagues

Steve Arsenault - South Florida Club Sport

Victor Vo - TRI SPORTS

Anthony Carson - SportsLink

Blake Bullard - OSSO Sports & Social

Brandt Tillotson - SportsMonkey

Brian Irving - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Daniel Baynham - Volo Sports Washington DC

Danny Lefebvre - TRI SPORTS

Eric Burns - Houston Sports & Social Club

Erik Silvola - Orlando Club Sport

Giancarlo Console - LI-Kick

Jimmy Walicek - CLUBWAKA

Julia Morgan - Tampa Bay Club Sport

Kiana Pilhorn - Game On! Sports

Matt Linton - Sport and Social Club

Meghan Fitzsimmons - Pittsburgh Sports League

Nick Ferate - Underdog Sports Leagues

Stephanie Moore - FXA Sports

Theresa Feeney - Volo Sports

Trevor Baker - League Lab

Brent Wentworth - CLUBWAKA

Corey Johnston - SportsMonkey

Rachel Hogan - Austin Sports & Social Club

Dave Reid - Players Sport & Social Group

Fallon Silvola - Orlando Club Sport

Giovanni Marcantoni - Volo Sports

Greg Malloy - KC Crew

Greg Sileo - Volo Sports

Jerry Hink - Baden

Justin Jacobs - Come Play Detroit

Justin Mazza - LI-Kick

Karen Mikami - SportsLink

Kayla Watts - FXA Sports

Kensi Wells - OSSO Sports & Social

Luke Wade - Media Ally

Marko Milanovic - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Monique Jacobs - Essence Media

Nick Berruezo - Xoso Sport & Social League

Nicole Carlson - Sport and Social Club

Thomas Earley - Game On! Sports

Aaron Singer - Volo Sports

Chad Day - League Lab

Greg Mitrik - Pittsburgh Sports League

John Dematas - Big League Sports

Marco Vargas - Big City Volleyball League

Mitch LaMendola - KC Crew

Nathan Langhauser - Players Sport & Social Group

Nayla Bautista - Volo Sports

Nikki Hartel - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Omid Rafiei - Houston Sports & Social Club

Pj Falter - Dayton Sportcial

Rachel Oliver - LI-Kick

Rebecca Whitney - Striker Sports & Social

Rosa Navas - Sport and Social Club

Tim Sugrue - Game On! Sports

Tracey Giebner - Tampa Bay Club Sport

Tyler McKee - FXA Sports

William Dennis - United Fray

Amber Williams - Game On! Sports

Ashton Zach - Austin Sports & Social Club

Bradley Lach - Tampa Bay Club Sport

Chris Corbin - Hive Athletic

Chris Hastings - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Colin Hanahoe - Volo Sports

Eric Peters - Underdog Sports Leagues - Portland

Izzy Rahim - Players Sport & Social Group

James Gibbons - OpenSports

Ky Rapp - Pittsburgh Sports League

Louis Hodgetts - Game On VT

Mitch Kenigsberg - United Fray

Paul Centanni - Circle City Athletics

Pedro Garcia - Houston Sports & Social Club

Raph Carranza - Dayton Sportcial

Sal Farruggia - LI-Kick

Sara Graham - SportsLink

Sean Rieder - Volo Sports

Tracy Taylor - TRI SPORTS

Ally Larese - Tampa Bay Club Sport

Andrea Rafiei - Houston Sports & Social Club

Bill Coon - Milwaukee Sports & Social

Brett Chastain - LXC Sports

Camille Irizarry - Hive Athletic

Christian Crute - SportsLink

David Lowry - CLUBWAKA

Isaac Williams - Game On! Sports

Jamie Bingham - San Antonio Sports & Social Club

Jason Webb - Bell-Anderson Insurance

Jennifer Rifkin - Volo Sports

Josiah Gilliam - Pittsburgh Sports League

Kate Kerins - Volo Sports

Kento Kobayashi - OpenSports

Kevin Cregan - Atlanta Sport & Social Club

Martin Espinoza - United Fray

Nasreen Ismael - FXA Sports

Trevor Hall - JaxSport

Adrienne Eisenhauer - Volo Sports

Chris Giebner - Club Sport

Dave Rosenzweig - United Fray

Delaney Entrop - Underdog Sports Leagues

Jake Folsom - Come Play Detroit

Jeff Miceli - Players Sport & Social Group

Jeremy Purcell - FXA Sports

Kaleigh Lopez - OSSO Sports & Social

Marc Mathios - Ace Apparel & Promotions

Marty Finucane - Game On! Sports

Noah Hunter - Circle City Athletics

Noah Pontiff - Overtime Sports

Rich von Rauchhaupt - LI-Kick

Rob Davies - JAM

Seve Casanova - Tucson Leagues

Stacey Ernstein - Houston Sports & Social Club

Todd Nagel - Volo Sports

Trisha Daniels - Chicago Sport & Social Club

Adam Mrzlak - Players Sport & Social Group

Alli Thompson - Striker Sports & Social

Brandon Siclari - Game On! Sports

Buddy Pitts Jr - Dayton Sportcial

Crishon Landers - United Fray

Ian Elston - Tampa Bay Club Sport

John Pantzer - Circle City Athletics

Juan Bermudez - Wit Sports Consulting

Kristen Porter - SportsLink

Laura Pollicino - LI-Kick

Lindsay Honorof - Volo Sports

Matt Feldkamp - KC Crew

Mikayla Cooper - Big City Volleyball League

Paxton Wunsch - OSSO Sports & Social

Pete Nelson - FXA Sports

Quentin Fox - OpenSports

Samuel Ascunce - Volo Sports

Steve Frenchman - New York Corporate Athletic League