Keynote Speaker - Kevin Griffin

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Stay Inspired, Raise Your Creativity, and Maximize YOUR Competitive Edge By tracing the creative story arc of his 25 plus year career, HIT songwriter and performer, Kevin Griffin, demonstrates to the audience how to continue to stay inspired, fresh, and competitive in business and in life. It's an entertaining and informative journey featuring the stories behind the hits, rock and roll anecdotes, how to use your creativity to branch in to other aspects of your given industry, and ending with an actual song writing session where the participants compose and record a song. Participants receive a fully produced master recording of the song they write with Kevin Griffin.


"Kevin's presentation on staying creative and relevant was the best rated activity for the Live Nation GM and Marketing Conference for nearly 200 of our top executives and leaders in the country. The fundamentals of what he shares translates in to any business setting. He uses his experience in the music business to inspire the recipients and help them think about their careers, job and life in away that's smart, fun, thought provoking and forward looking. We are looking at how to utilize Kevin's approach to our next level down of leaders - it's that good! We would wholeheartedly recommend Kevin for any type of leadership, creative and/or life speaking engagement.” - Michael Grozier - LIVE NATION