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KC Crew

Team-building events are our biggest area of opportunity for growth, so we decided to make a fun video to promote our adult field day that was on brand for us. We have had the most private field days this year and will look to continue to grow that number year after year. 


'DAP videos' are comical sports-adjacent videos in which a staff member directs, acts and produces. They blend humor, sports and creativity. This DAP video exists in the intersection of LI-Kick, Pickleball, and 1910 Vaudeville French Silent Films. The video captures the playful essence of social sports, while delivering LI-Kick's inclusive message; acceptance for everyone. 

Players Sport & Social Group

As our Summer schedule began to wind down, we were hearing some customers express interest in some new sports to play in the future. After some brainstorming and thinking about what new offerings we could bring to our Chicago offerings, we decided to make a fun video that expressed that interest in implementing new sports. Coming up with a new sport isn't easy, so, in a fun and ridiculous way, we combined some of our current sports to create 'new sports' in this video. We also wanted to include a rating system for the viability of the 'new sport' and comments on how it would play. Looking closely at the chart, you can see some really ridiculous 'sports' we 'tested' like Dodgeball with Darts, Volleyball with Bowling. This video includes our marketing manager and two of our interns.

Heyday Athletic

During our spring season of last year, we created an Instagram Reel mic'ing up one of our softball players Rachel Viggiano, who is also a local radio host on Q102 Philly. We also mic'd up the umpire and followed them throughout the game. It turned out to be one of our best performing videos of the year. Our goal was to capture the social interaction from playing in our leagues from a players perspective.

Professionally Made
Striker Sports & Social 

Our Pee Wee highlight video shows that you can start discovering your love for the game of soccer at a young age. It gets kids out and playing at just 3 and 4 years old. This video was created to be fun and inviting for both parents/guardians and players. The kids loved watching the video and felt like they were in a cartoon and the parents felt like we have a safe space for their kids to have fun and learn the basic skills of soccer. The video was created by someone we met at a Chamber of Commerce event whose own kid joined our pee wee program so he was truly able to grasp the joy of the kids because he sees it on his kid's face every time he comes out to the field. 

Volo Sports


Chicago Sport and Social Club

Chicago Sport and Social Club’s 2023 Volleywood Beach Volleyball Tournament and Party was its biggest yet with over 6,000 people over 2 days. Featuring a beach volleyball tournament with 200+ teams, a music festival with 14 acts, 5 bars, a foam party, a silent disco, and food vendors, it's the best beach party in Chicago every year. The recap video showcases the artists, sponsorship activations, volleyball, and the fun in the sun the attendees enjoyed at North Avenue Beach at Chicago's only beachfront music festival.