Chicago Sport and Social & Club Sport

Chicago Sport and Social Club has been running a Beach Challenge for a Corporate Client for half a decade. Looking to elevate the experience in the 6th year, they reached out to Club Sport to collaborate on turning the scoreboard digital for this very custom event.

It was very successful event and a happy client who remarked “everything was perfect.” The scoreboard was a fantastic addition, the teams loved crowding around it and seeing the rankings change as the scores rolled in. There was a lot of suspense as we had two teams tied for 4th after the initial qualifiers of volleyball and dodgeball and threw in an extra tug of war match to break the tie and move teams based on points to the finals. This also allowed our operations team to have space between participants to run things behind the scenes at a table two tents over from the TV screen.

Previously we have used 8x4 foot display boards where we would update scores while participants were crowding on top of us. It was an improvement for everyone involved and such an easy way to work with another club and utilize strengths!