Chicago Sport and Social Club & Big City Pickle

In 2023, Chicago Sport and Social Club created a new brand, Big City Pickle, to meet the growing demand for Pickleball in Chicago. Through Big City Pickle, CSSC created 4 outdoor Pickleball facilities and 41 courts during the 2023 outdoor season. The innovation resulted in an increase in CSSC Pickleball league, pickup play, and clinic programming of 300+%, and welcomed over 25,000 people to its Pickleball venues throughout the season through rentals, events, and programming.

The Pickleball growth proved to be additive, as CSSC grew 10+% across its other sports during the same time. CSSC and its new brand Big City Pickle partnered with local developers in some of Chicago's top neighborhoods to build Pickleball courts where people live and work. Big City Pickle is continuing to do the same indoors by partnering with event venues to use their event space as Pickleball courts when not in use for events. In 2024, Big City Pickle will add more courts and locations to try and meet the continuing demand for more Pickleball.

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