KC Crew Learn-to-play pickleball happy hours

Pickleball is obviously the hottest sport in the world right now. There are so many options for players to play out there. But the one niche that lacks options is for those who have never picked up a paddle before. That's where our learn-to-play pickleball happy hours come in.

We've heard horror stories from people at our learn-to-play sessions from other "beginner courses" they have attended. With our learn-to-play happy hours, we put ourselves in those player's shoes. We teach the very basics to everyone who comes in. Our goal is for the players to come in, enjoy their time with us and leave feeling confident about the rules and can go play a game with their friends.

We started them back in January of 2023 and ran one a month the entire year. Every single event sold out and we received nothing but positive feedback from players. We break down the very basics of the game and then play small sessions to practice those individual pieces. As we go from session to session, we put the rules together up until we are playing full games by the end of the event.