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Organization Overview

Wit Sports Consulting, is your strategic ally to help you reach your goals. If you are just getting started, or want to take your business to the next level, we fill in the gaps to take you there. We will help you:

- Set and visualize your goals without distractions
- Align your business goals with your technology and marketing goals
- Adopt and implement best management practices
- Refine KPIs, track what matters and get results
- Optimize your technology mix
- Build and empower your team
- Maximize profits and productivity
- Adopt a continuous improvement cycle

The consulting process with Wit Sports is easy, transparent and result-oriented. There is no rocket science behind it. No forced ties, attachments or dependability. Simply set a goal, roll the sleeves and start working towards it.

From the start in 2020, Wit Sports has led Big City Volleyball's strategic transformation into a continuous learning organization with technology and marketing at the center of its growth engine defining the next priority. At Wit Sports Consulting, it is all about exploring opportunities where there is a gap to fill, adding value and helping sports organizations exceed their goals.

Wit Sports Consulting offers strategic consulting and implementation under an Agile approach to prioritize needs, always targeting a balance between short and long term goals, between the urgent and the important, the ideal and the feasible, while creating a continuous learning culture and growth platform. In addition to the volleyball and basketball experiences, we are currently helping soccer, rugby, pickleball and sports software organizations at different levels.
Juan Bermudez
Juan Bermudez Founder
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