Sport & Social Club “Podium Pricing” 

We proudly nominate the Sport & Social Club (Ottawa, Halifax, Kingston, Quinte, Victoria, St. John’s, Moncton, and Gatineau) for the esteemed "Social Star Awards" in recognition of our innovative marketing strategy, “Podium Pricing”. This marketing strategy was inspired by the thrill of victory on the podium in sports, Podium Pricing offers three distinct tiers—Gold, Silver, and Bronze—whereby players who register early benefit from significant savings.

  • Gold tier participants enjoy a $100 team discount or a $20 individual discount and gain access to our TeamPayer system through LeagueLab.
  • In the Silver tier, teams save $50, or individuals save $10
  • In the Bronze tier registrations are registered at full price.

Podium Pricing has revolutionized our registration landscape, transitioning from last-minute sign-ups to an impressive 60% of registrations occurring within the initial two weeks. This shift has greatly improved our ability to forecast upcoming seasons, optimize sport offerings, and efficiently allocate space resources. This innovative approach to Podium Pricing has not only increased early registrations but also maintained our profit margins effectively. While offering substantial discounts during the Gold tier, we've strategically adjusted our base prices, ensuring that even with a higher number of discounted registrations, our profit margins remain consistent.

By recalibrating our pricing structure to accommodate a larger portion of participants benefiting from the Gold discounts, we've successfully balanced the increased early sign-ups with sustainable profit margins. This tactic has allowed us to incentivize early registration without compromising the financial health of the Sport & Social Club. Our marketing strategy revolves around allocating 50% of our marketing dollars to the Gold period, reinforcing urgency through targeted email campaigns during Gold and Silver launches, supplemented by countdown emails. Additionally, social media graphics and paid social advertising create a buzz by counting down to the final hours of each tier, effectively driving early registrations. Over the past five seasons, Podium Pricing has showcased consistent success, allowing us to redefine our operational and marketing strategies, resulting in a significant positive impact on our community. It has not only fostered a culture of early registration due to high demand but also created an anticipatory atmosphere, with leagues selling out faster than ever before.

Moving forward, our commitment to sustaining and evolving Podium Pricing remains unwavering. The success of this innovative strategy stands out within the sports and social industry by accelerating league sell-outs, fostering a sense of urgency, and rewarding proactive engagement. Notably, the timing of registrations has shifted from 50% in the final week before the registration deadline to an impressive 60% within the initial two weeks, indicating a fundamental change in participant behavior driven by Podium Pricing.