Big Bash

"The Big Bash" was created to commemorate a significant milestone: the 20th Anniversary of the Ottawa Sport & Social Club. Held on June 17th, 2023, in Ottawa (Canada), this one-day extravaganza encompassed a dynamic multi-sport tournament featuring court volleyball, beach volleyball, softball, basketball, and dodgeball; impressively, all at one venue.

The tournament united seasoned players and teams to individuals who are relatively new to our club. What truly set this event apart was its holistic approach. It wasn't merely a multi-sport tournament; it was a celebration of our community and friends. The core of "The Big Bash" event were the rich experiences woven into the fabric of our 20-year journey. Modern and retro champion shirts for winning teams symbolized the evolution and growth we've experienced. Our local sponsors and long-time friends of OSSC joined in the festivities alongside players who have been part of our Club over the years.

We even had members from the very first OSSC team, “Drunk on Mondays”, who recall being approached by our founder at a bar with flyers back in 2003. Mid-day sports, a grand BBQ, trivia sessions, prize giveaways, and an after-party with a DJ spinning the best tunes of the past two decades added to the celebratory event. The tales of relationships, families, and cherished memories were told around the campfire into the early hours of the morning; a truly heart-warming experience and a testament to how the Ottawa Sport & Social Club has, and will continue to, foster connections.

More than just a commemoration, "The Big Bash" was a testament to our growth. From humble beginnings with 350 players in 2003 to a vibrant community of over 10,000 individuals playing each week, the Ottawa Sport & Social Club has a lot to celebrate and 2023 went out with a BIG BASH. We proudly nominate "The Big Bash" for the "Best Event" category in the SSIA Social Star Awards, celebrating 20 years of uniting our community through sport.